Oman – Residential permit by investment.

Oman offers financial stability and attractive conditions for investors seeking residency. The “Residential permit by investment” program allows foreign investors to purchase property in Oman and obtain privileged resident status. This is an excellent opportunity for those who want to enjoy Oman’s beautiful climate and modern way of life.

Key features of the Oman Residency by Investment Program:

  • Family inclusion: The program includes your spouse, children of any age, and parents of both you and your spouse. This is the most comprehensive family inclusion program in the Persian Gulf and Europe.
  • No minimum investment threshold: The government does not specify a minimum investment amount, allowing for flexibility in your investment strategy.
  • Investment options: You can invest in off-plan or completed properties, giving you the choice of guaranteed returns from property appreciation and rental income.
  • Strong currency: The Omani Rial is the strongest currency in the world, currently equivalent to three US Dollars in 2024.

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