Navigating the Top 10 Beaches in Cyprus

Navigating the Top 10 Beaches in Cyprus

British tourists are one of the largest groups of holidaymakers who prefer to relax in Cyprus. The Telegraph has compiled a list of the island’s best beaches and indicated how to get to them.

The authoritative publication’s selection is preceded by an explanation that all locations were selected and personally tested by their correspondent. The aim was to cover the widest possible range of budgets and traveler preferences: from world-class museums to family theme parks.

Coral Bay

It is a wide strip of golden sand, framed by hotels, bars, and restaurants, and provided with sunbeds in the summer. The beach is awarded the “Blue Flag” category, which means the cleanest water and safety. Swimmers can explore the headlands and caves. The area of archaeological excavations of the Bronze Age is located nearby.

The beach is located north of Paphos, in the village of Peyia. You can get there by bus 615 from Paphos. Parking is available for cars.

Porto Pomos

A little-known but remarkable pebble area is located next to the charming fishing port of Pomos in the Paphos region. Transparent water and a shallow bottom attract bathers. The small beach cafe makes excellent frappe. There is a restaurant that is famous for its fresh fish dishes.

You can get there by bus 643 from Polis Chrysochous. Parking is available for cars.

Lara Beach

Two crescent-shaped beaches frame the rocky headland of Lara. They are located away from popular roads, and to get there on the relative off-road, you will need an all-wheel drive vehicle. Public transport does not go there.

This place is called the turtle beach because in the warm months you can see turtles laying eggs here. Conservationists monitor the coast to ensure the safety of animals and their offspring. Therefore, it is not allowed to install sunbeds and umbrellas on the beaches.

Pissouri Bay

This place is popular with water skiers and surfers. At the same time, families love to relax on the beach. But there is enough space for everyone.

Paths from the parking lots make the beach accessible for people with disabilities. There are showers. There are places to have a snack. And there are several good restaurants in the nearby luxury hotel and the village of Pissouri.

To get to Pissouri Bay, take route 630 from Paphos Karavella station, 70 from Limassol, or by car.

Lady’s Mile

A long sandy strip with a gentle slope is located near the archaeological site between Paphos and Limassol. In addition to bathers, horseback riding enthusiasts and guests of the equestrian center located in the vicinity come to this coast. Boat trips to the sea caves are organized.

It is believed that this beach was the favorite place of the governor when Cyprus was under British rule. They say he also rode his horse here.

There are several restaurants, a bar, and a water sports center.

You can only get to Lady’s Mile by car.

Aphrodite’s Rock and Aphrodite’s Beach

This rocky coast attracts crowds of visitors, especially after sunset. The main attraction is the so-called Rock of Aphrodite or the Rock of Aphrodite. It is believed that it was here that the goddess of love (and the patroness of Cyprus) emerged from the sea foam. There is a tavern nearby.

Bus 631 from Paphos and bus 70 from Limassol go to Aphrodite’s beach. Parking is available on the coast.

Governor’s Beach

The landscape is an endless string of bays against the backdrop of white chalk cliffs. Judging by the name, this beach was also favored by the British governor.

Visitors prefer to sunbathe directly on the platforms on the rocks. They are also popular with fishermen and divers. The beach with golden sand and shallow water makes it a favorite place for locals, especially nearby Limassol. In the summer, there are many visitors in the fish taverns.

Come by car.

MacKenzie Beach

The Blue Flag beach is located south of the medieval fortifications of Larnaca. The beach is famous for its safe shallow water and a long strip of fine, clean gray sand, as well as palm trees.

Windsurfing and sailing are practiced here. Divers come here to see one of the most famous diving spots in the world – the wreck of the Zenobia.

On foot from the center of Larnaca. There is parking.

Nissi Beach

This area in Ayia Napa is popular with young people, especially after partying in clubs. The noisy beach is filled with people, sunbeds, umbrellas, and paragliders. Add to this water skiers and windsurfers.

From Nissi you can walk along the pedestrian or bicycle path to Makronissos

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