Oman’s Largest Zoo to Open After Ramadan

Omans Largest Zoo to Open After Ramadan

Muscat, Oman – Safari World, Oman’s largest zoo in terms of size and number of wild animals, reptiles, and birds, will open its doors to the public after Eid al-Fitr in Ibra, according to the park’s management company, “World of Safari.” The 150,000-square-meter zoo will also feature an aqua park for water activities.

According to zoo officials, more than 300 animals from different continents will be the main attraction of the new zoo, which aims to add to the country’s tourism appeal. Khalfan Said al Ma’amari, the zoo’s marketing manager, said that a diverse range of animals, from tigers and lions to deer and gazelles, birds, and other creatures, as well as wildlife, will be waiting to welcome visitors when the zoo opens. “We are pleased to announce the opening of the zoo, which will house animals, reptiles, birds, and the like, in Ibra,” he added.

The majority of the animals are of local Omani origin, while many are from Gulf countries and other countries in Asia, Africa, and Europe. He believes that Safari World will become a major attraction for tourists visiting the Sultanate, as the large collection of animals, alligators, birds, and the like will attract visitors and become a wonderful attraction.

There are already small zoos operating in the country with a wide range of animals and natural habitats, but these are more of volunteer projects. However, Safari World will be the largest of its kind to date.

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