Real Estate Insurance and Its Control in Turkey in 2024

Real Estate Insurance and Its Control in Turkey in 2024

Insurance in Turkey falls into two main categories: compulsory and voluntary. One type of compulsory insurance is DASK, the state-run earthquake insurance, which is mandatory for all property owners in Turkey. This insurance is renewed annually and is well justified given the seismic activity in the regions.

DASK – Doğal Afet Sigortaları Kurumu

DASK, or Doğal Afet Sigortaları Kurumu, issues natural disaster insurance for various types of Turkish properties, including residential and commercial. This program is controlled by Law No. 587 on Compulsory Insurance in Turkey, which applies to all property owners, including foreigners.

Increased Control

In the past, many property owners have ignored compulsory earthquake insurance, but controls are now being tightened. A new compulsory natural disaster insurance called ZAS is planned to be introduced at the end of 2024.

ZAS – Zorunlu Afet Sigortası

It is important to note that ZAS will cover not only the building itself but also the contents inside it. The insurance coverage amount under the new program will also increase to 1.28 million Turkish Liras and will be indexed to inflation.

With insured real estate, you no longer need to worry about unforeseen situations and can live peacefully!

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