Welcome to our website!

Welcome to our website! We are experts in the field of investments, second citizenship, residence permits, and business relocation. With offices in Moscow, Northern Cyprus, Turkey, Oman, and the UAE, we are able to serve clients all over the world.

We are more than just a real estate agency – our services encompass a much broader range of opportunities. Uinvest Group investors can open multi-currency bank accounts, obtain residence permits and permanent residency, and acquire second citizenship, all thanks to our in-house legal department.

As official partners of leading developers in Turkey and Persian Gulf countries, we have access to the most attractive projects and opportunities for our clients.

We always stay up-to-date with the latest trends and innovations, which is why we were among the first in Turkey to accept cryptocurrency for real estate transactions. With our experience and knowledge, we can help you leverage all the advantages of this rapidly-developing market.

We also offer convenient online presentations and transactions. Through our innovative technologies, you can browse through projects and close deals without leaving your home or office. This saves time and allows you to make important decisions no matter where you are.

With years of experience and participation in housing conferences and international exhibitions, Uinvest Group specialists have expert knowledge in their field. We take pride in our multilingual skills and can communicate in over 5 languages to ensure our clients feel comfortable and confident.

By choosing Uinvest Group, you are selecting a reliable partner who will help you achieve your goals in investments, second citizenship, and business relocation. Allow us to be your guide and assist you in succeeding in the world of investments and personal financial freedom. Contact us today and start your journey towards success and prosperity!

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