5 unusual museums of Cyprus

5 unusual museums of Cyprus

Cyprus, an island that was the center of various ancient civilizations, is an open-air museum in itself. But this is not a reason to neglect visiting traditional exhibition buildings.

We have collected five museums where you can spend your time with interest and benefit. And they are not only about ancient culture.

Cyprus Police Museum, Nicosia

The Cyprus Police Museum is located at the intersection of Lemesos and RIK Avenues. Until 2003, the exposition was closed to the public, and could only be visited by students of the Police Academy. Now it is available to everyone.

The exhibition space consists of nine halls and is divided into two large parts. It presents the history of the Cypriot law enforcement agencies and exhibits exhibits related to unsolved, mysterious or particularly violent crimes.

The House of the Vinegrower 1886, Omodos

On the narrow streets of Omodos you can find an interesting museum. It is located in an old winery. The exposition includes old objects, dishes and tools. Themes – plowing, harvesting and threshing, baking bread, the device of a traditional Cypriot house, tools of winegrowers and winemakers, washing accessories, traditional stoves and distilleries.

Museum of Naive Art, Mazotos

Costas Argyrou is a Cypriot sculptor who became famous for his naive art. In November 2023, the museum was officially opened in his native village of Mazotos.

Naive painting is the name given to the works of authors who did not study in art schools, but whose talent helped them to say something important with their art. They painted the world as they saw it, without academic forms and stylization, without rules.

Museum of Historical and Classic Cars, Limassol

More than 240 exhibits are presented here – historical and classic cars. Unique retro cars seem to have arrived in Limassol straight from the screens of old Hollywood films.

In the museum you can find the oldest car in Cyprus, the 1977 Cadillac presidential car, Mr. Bean’s Mini and one of Margaret Thatcher’s cars.

Thalassa Museum of the Sea, Ayia Napa

The Ayia Napa Municipal Maritime Museum is also known as the Thalassa Museum. In 2008 it was recognized as one of the six best museums in Europe. In 2010 – awarded a special state architectural award.

The exhibition aims to present to the visitor the role and importance of the sea throughout the history of the island.

Museums are a great way to learn about the history and culture of Cyprus. They are also a great way to spend a day with family or friends.

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