Can a foreigner buy an apartment in installments?

Most construction companies are accommodating towards foreign buyers and offer installment plans until the completion of construction.


The conditions for foreigners are the same as for local residents: individual payment schedules, no connection to construction stages, and installment plans with 0% interest during the construction period.


To sign a contract with a Turkish developer, a foreigner will need a passport and an initial payment, which usually constitutes 30% of the total property cost.


The developer must provide the following documents:

– proof of ownership of the land plot designated for construction (with an “Arsa” status)

– a permit for constructing residential complexes signed by the Urban Planning Committee

– a presented project plan.


It is important to note that property owners will not receive Iskana (technical passports) or TAPU (property rights) in the early stages of construction; these documents are issued for finished properties.


In light of this, it is crucial to choose reliable developers with a good reputation, experience working with foreign buyers, and who guarantee a transparent and secure transaction. It is also important to thoroughly check all documents to avoid potential problems in the future.

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