Christmas in Istanbul: The Magical Stay For Holiday

Christmas in Istanbul: The Magical Stay For Holiday

Every year, Istanbul is carefully prepared to welcome the Christmas holidays with a magical atmosphere. This magical city becomes a fairy tale land with its streets adorned with historical textures, illuminated avenues and historical buildings. Hotels in different parts of Istanbul welcome their visitors with specially organised events, magnificent decorations and warm atmospheres to make the Christmas holiday unforgettable.

From the romantic Bebek on the shores of the Bosphorus, to Ortakoy, which fascinates with its historical atmosphere, to Sisli, famous for its shopping streets, every corner offers a unique accommodation experience to its visitors. A Christmas holiday in this magical city is an ideal option for those who want to discover its historical riches and experience unforgettable moments full of special events. Christmas in Istanbul is not only a holiday, but also an opportunity to get lost in a fairy tale.

What are the places to visit in Istanbul on Christmas?

There are many special and atmospheric places to explore Istanbul during the Christmas holidays. Here are some places to visit in Istanbul during this special period:

  • Sultanahmet Square and Hagia Sophia: Sultanahmet Square and Hagia Sophia take on an enchanting Christmas atmosphere. Equipped with lights, decorations and huge Christmas trees, these historical places offer a unique experience to visitors.
  • Istiklal Street and Taksim Square: Istiklal Street is a place where shops, cafes and street performers are decorated with special Christmas decorations. The giant lighting and celebrations in Taksim Square are also worth seeing.
  • Bebek and Ortakoy: The neighbourhoods on the Bosphorus coast, especially Bebek and Ortakoy, look spectacular with enormous lights and decorations. Having a cup of salep in the famous coffee houses in Ortakoy can also be a pleasant Christmas activity.
  • Vialand Theme Park: Vialand hosts special events during the Christmas holidays. The attractions in the theme park are filled with light shows and winter-themed events.
  • Nisantasi and Macka Park: Nisantasi is famous for its shopping streets and stylish shops. During the Christmas period, special decorations and light shows in shop windows make it even more enjoyable to visit this area. You can enjoy the winter by participating in the events held in Maçka Park.
  • Ciragan Palace: Ciragan Palace, located on the shores of the Bosphorus, takes on an enchanting atmosphere during the Christmas holidays with spectacular illuminations and special events.
  • Kadıköy Moda Beach: Located on the Anatolian Side, Kadikoy Moda Beach is a great option for walking, enjoying the sea view and feeling the Christmas atmosphere outdoors.
  • Sakip Sabanci Museum: Sakıp Sabancı Museum offers visitors an art-filled Christmas experience with special Christmas events and decorations.

These venues in different parts of Istanbul provide unforgettable memories for those who want to explore the city during the Christmas holidays.

Why should you spend Christmas in Istanbul?

Spending Christmas in Istanbul can be a choice that offers a mesmerising atmosphere and unique experiences. Istanbul is a city known for its historical richness, and during the Christmas period, it combines this historical texture with special decorations, illuminations and celebrations and takes on a magical atmosphere. Historical places such as Sultanahmet Square and Hagia Sophia turn into an open-air museum with enormous Christmas trees and colourful light plays. Istanbul is also unique in being a point where eastern and western cultures embrace, which means experiencing the joy of Christmas at the crossroads of both the Christian world and Turkish culture. Shopping areas such as Istiklal Street and Nisantasi are coloured with special Christmas decorations and window displays, making shopping and strolling the streets a delightful activity.

The illuminated view of the neighbourhoods along the Bosphorus, especially Bebek and Ortaköy, offers a dazzling view. The fact that Istanbul is a city where different cultures live together gives those who want to spend the Christmas holidays the chance to observe the interaction of different ethnic groups. In addition, special events, concerts and Christmas markets in the city also provide visitors with unforgettable moments. Special Christmas menus in restaurants are also enriched with traditional Turkish flavours, offering an attractive option for gastronomy enthusiasts. Christmas holidays in Istanbul promise an unforgettable experience with its special atmosphere combined with historical and cultural richness.

Wonderful Christmas Markets

With the arrival of December, Istanbul prepares to offer its visitors an unforgettable experience. And it turns into a fairy tale with its Wonderful Christmas Markets.

Christmas Market Istanbul

In 2019, Christmas Market Istanbul was organised for the first time in Turkey by Well Works Entertainment. This event attracts attention with its original concept, performances by famous artists, world flavours and traditional tastes. Six Senses Kocataş Mansions aims to offer its guests a Christmas atmosphere smelling of cinnamon by hosting this special market held between 8-25 December in Istanbul.

Christmas Market Istanbul offers a wide range of activities from Christmas-themed souvenir stalls to shopping stands of famous brands, from “do-it-yourself” workshops to carousel and ice skating events. In addition, concerts by surprise names throughout the day, combined with the unique location of Six Senses Kocatas Mansions, promise visitors an unforgettable experience.
This special event is an unmissable opportunity for entertainment and shopping enthusiasts who want to capture the Christmas spirit of the city. Christmas Market Istanbul awaits its visitors with world flavours, local delicacies, handmade souvenirs, and special events, giving Istanbul a magical Christmas atmosphere.

Wonder Village Istanbul

“Wonder Village” is a festival with a fabulous New Year’s spirit and special decorations. It is a 10-day festival with a special ice skating rink, a carousel that takes children and parents alike to a magical fairy tale land, world-famous stars performing, and world flavours and traditional tastes. Wonder Village includes not only entertainment but also workshops that promote learning and creativity. In workshops organised for both adults and children, families can have a pleasant time all day long. In addition, many gift alternatives for all ages and tastes are offered to visitors during the event, making Christmas shopping a pleasant experience.

Wonder Village is a magical festival that aims to give participants an unforgettable New Year celebration with its atmosphere, activities and experiences. Such events often enrich the social and cultural life in the city, bringing people together and increasing the enthusiasm of the holiday season.

Districts of Istanbul That Sparkle on Christmas

When Christmas time comes, some districts of Istanbul are decorated with a special sparkle and atmosphere. During this magical period, which takes place at different points of the city, some districts turn into a riot of lights. Here are the districts of Istanbul that shine and stand out at Christmas:

Istiklal Street
During the Christmas season, Istiklal Street is decorated with thousands of colourful lights, turning it into a fairy tale. The shops on the street decorate their shop windows with special Christmas decorations, street performers and musicians turn the street into a stage. Istiklal Street is an indispensable point for Istanbulites and visitors at Christmas time to shop, sit in cafes and enjoy this sparkling atmosphere.

Nisantasi is famous for its luxury shops, boutiques and chic streets. During the Christmas season, this area is decorated with special lights and decorations. The shops in Nisantasi display elaborate Christmas-themed decorations in their shop windows and offer unique products to shoppers. A walk along the street is a great way to enjoy the Christmas atmosphere in this chic neighborhood.

Kadikoy, located on the Anatolian Side, takes on a warm and friendly atmosphere during the Christmas season. The shops and cafes on the street attract attention with special Christmas lights and decorations. In addition, the events and open-air concerts held at Kadikoy Moda Beach are the perfect choice for those who want to experience the joy of Christmas by the sea.

Celebrating New Year

On New Year’s Eve, Istanbul is overflowing with nightclubs and bars famous for their energy and enthusiasm. The city offers visitors an unforgettable New Year’s Eve celebration with its world-class nightlife venues.

Famous NightClubs and Bars

Istanbul’s nightlife shines in all its splendor on New Year’s Eve. Famous nightclubs and bars located in popular areas such as Taksim, Besiktas, Ortakoy and Kadikoy attract attention with their special themes, live performances and energetic atmospheres. Offering a great option for those who want to dance and have fun, these venues are ready to keep the New Year’s enthusiasm going until the morning.

  • Reina: Reina, which has become one of the symbols of Istanbul, is a luxury nightclub located on the Bosphorus. On New Year’s Eve, it becomes a center of attraction with its special decorations and special parties. Famous names from Turkey and the world perform unforgettable performances on Reina’s stage.
  • Sortie: Famous for its Bosphorus view, Sortie offers a unique atmosphere on New Year’s Eve. It welcomes its visitors with large terrace areas, a special New Year’s menu and a night full of music. Sortie is one of the leading nightclubs in Istanbul with its elegance and entertainment.
  • Anjelique: Anjelique is another famous nightspot in the Ortaköy neighborhood of Istanbul. It offers an unforgettable New Year’s Eve experience to its visitors with its location overlooking the Bosphorus view, special New Year’s Eve events and performances by world-famous DJs.
  • Indigo: Located in Taksim, Indigo especially attracts music lovers. Offering a New Year’s Eve program full of live performances and DJ sets, Indigo has an atmosphere that combines entertainment with music.

Istanbul’s famous nightclubs and bars offer visitors unforgettable moments with programs specially prepared for New Year’s Eve, fun atmospheres and performances by world-famous artists. These venues offer a unique option for those who want to celebrate New Year’s Eve at the peak of nightlife.

Romantic Dinner In The Most Famous Hotels

Luxury hotels on the Bosphorus coast of Istanbul host special events that bring romance to New Year’s Eve. Hotels with spectacular views such as Bebek, Ortaköy and Sarayburnu offer couples an unforgettable dinner experience with special New Year’s menus and live music performances. These hotels await those who want to experience elegance and comfort at the highest level.

  • Ciragan Palace Kempinski: Located on the shores of the Bosphorus, Ciragan Palace Kempinski is a hotel that combines history and luxury. On New Year’s Eve, it offers couples an unforgettable dinner experience with its specially prepared menu, live music and magnificent Bosphorus view.
  • Four Seasons Hotel at the Bosphorus: Four Seasons is another luxury hotel with a magnificent view of the Bosphorus. It offers a romantic atmosphere with a ball specially organized for New Year’s Eve and a special menu. It offers couples an unforgettable night with its elegant decoration and quality service.
  • Raffles Istanbul: Located in Sisli, Raffles Istanbul organizes special events to make New Year’s Eve unforgettable. It welcomes its visitors with elegant restaurants, special New Year’s menus and surprise treats.
  • Ajia Hotel: Located on the quiet shores of the Bosphorus, Ajia Hotel is a private hotel serving in a historical mansion. It offers a romantic dinner with its menu specially prepared for New Year’s Eve, historical atmosphere and view.

Special Concerts for New Year’s

On New Year’s Eve, Istanbul hosts concerts with world-renowned artists. The city’s various concert venues host concerts of different genres such as pop, rock, jazz and Turkish music. Unforgettable stage shows and live performances give visitors a New Year’s Eve full of music.

  • Harbiye Cemil Topuzlu Open Air Stage: One of the most famous concert venues in Istanbul, Harbiye Cemil Topuzlu Open Air Stage welcomes music lovers with special concerts organized on New Year’s Eve. In addition to Turkish artists, international names also give unforgettable performances on this stage.
  • Istanbul Congress Center: Istanbul Congress Center is an important venue for big concerts on New Year’s Eve. Famous names of Turkish pop music and international artists take the stage to give unforgettable moments to thousands of people.
  • Zorlu PSM: Zorlu Performing Arts Center (PSM) offers a wide range of music with its New Year’s Eve concerts. Pop, rock, jazz and classical music concerts appeal to all tastes.

Romantic dinners at Istanbul’s most famous hotels and special concerts organized at concert venues in different parts of the city will make you feel the joy of the New Year to the fullest. The city offers its visitors an unforgettable New Year’s Eve experience with these options that combine luxury and entertainment.

Where to Stay in Istanbul on Christmas?

The Christmas holidays are welcomed with a unique atmosphere in Istanbul and this magical city offers an unforgettable experience to its visitors with its accommodation options in different regions. The Bebek neighborhood on the shores of the Bosphorus offers a tranquil and romantic atmosphere with its historic mansions, elegant cafes and stunning views. The illuminations on Bebek Street and its square make the Christmas holiday special. Staying in this area offers an experience overlooking the peaceful waters of the Bosphorus. The recommended hotel combines the historic fabric with modern comforts and hosts special events during the Christmas period.

Ortakoy is located on the European side of the Bosphorus and is famous for the historic Ortakoy Mosque, colorful shops and street performances. Ortakoy Square, sparkling with Christmas decorations, is the perfect setting for walks with hot drinks. The hotel in this area combines the energy of the city and the magic of the Bosphorus, offering visitors a unique accommodation experience. Sisli is a central area full of shopping centers, restaurants and cafes. Surrounded by luxury shopping streets such as Nisantasi, Sisli is ideal for both shoppers and those who want to enjoy the nightlife. During the Christmas season, strolling around this area, shopping and seeing the lights on the streets is a delightful experience. All the hotels here offer luxury accommodation and special Christmas events.

Taksim is an area in the heart of Istanbul, famous for its nightlife, shopping and cultural events. Istiklal Street, decorated with lights, allows you to experience the Christmas atmosphere to the fullest. The events, concerts and street performances in Taksim Square are also one of the details that make Christmas vacation in this area more special. Staying in Taksim allows you to be intertwined with the energy of the city and fully feel the joy of Christmas. The recommended hotel offers guests an unforgettable experience with its central location and specially organized events. The hotels in these areas, each with its own special atmosphere and charm, promise visitors the history and culture of Istanbul and the magic of the holiday season. Those who choose Istanbul for their Christmas vacation can choose among the accommodation options that will make their time in this unique city unforgettable.

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