Conclusion of Lease Agreement through e-Government in Turkey

In Turkey, landlords and tenants can now conclude lease agreements using e-Government (e-Devlet). Starting from 2024, a complete transition to this efficient system is planned.

To conclude a lease agreement through e-Government, the following conditions must be met:

1. e-Government password: The landlord and tenant must have an e-Government password or authenticate through a mobile or electronic signature, e-Government portal.

2. Residential or commercial property: The lease agreement applies to residential properties and covered workplaces.

3. Property ownership certificate: The rented property must have a property ownership certificate, and ownership information must be integrated into the e-Government system.

4. Registered address: The address of the leased property must be up to date and registered in the system.

5. Independent section: Only independent sections of the property can be rented; common areas, land, and fields are not eligible for lease through e-Government.

6. Sole owner: The rented property must not belong to more than one owner.

To conclude a lease agreement through e-Government:

1. Visit the e-Government portal.

2. Log in to the application using one of the provided authentication methods.

3. Select the option “Create lease agreement” (Kira Sözleşmesi Oluştur).

4. Fill in the necessary information and create the agreement.

5. Confirm and sign the agreement.

6. Download or print the ready agreement.

Benefits of concluding a lease agreement through e-Government:

1. Convenience and efficiency: The ability to conclude a lease agreement through e-Government eliminates the need to physically visit offices and stand in queues. All processes can be completed online, saving time and effort for both parties.

2. Transparency: All necessary information about the property, ownership rights, and address is included in the e-Government system. This helps avoid possible fraud and disputes, as all data is reliable and verified.

3. Security: The use of electronic signatures and other authentication methods ensures the security and authenticity of the document. Parties can be confident that the agreement is legal and can be accepted in court if necessary.

The new system of concluding lease agreements through e-Government makes this process convenient, fast, and secure for all parties involved. It contributes to reducing bureaucracy and increasing transparency in the real estate sector.

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