Cyprus Ranks Fourth in EU Car Ownership per Capita

Cyprus Ranks Fourth in EU Car Ownership per Capita

Cyprus has the fourth highest number of cars per capita in the European Union, with 658 cars per 1,000 inhabitants, significantly exceeding the EU average of 560.

Key findings:

  • Italy has the highest car ownership rate in the EU (684 cars per 1,000 inhabitants), followed by Luxembourg (678), Finland (661), and Cyprus (658).
  • Latvia has the lowest car ownership rate (414 cars per 1,000 inhabitants), followed by Romania (417) and Hungary (424).
  • The EU average car ownership ratio increased by 14.3% from 2012 to 2022, from 490 to 560 cars per 1,000 inhabitants.
  • In Cyprus, the number of cars per 1,000 inhabitants grew by 19.9% over the same period, from 549 in 2012 to 658 in 2022.
  • Central and Eastern European countries experienced the highest growth rates in car ownership. Romania had the highest increase (86.2%), followed by Croatia (+44.8%), Hungary (+40.9%), Slovakia (+40.1%), and Estonia (+39.7%).

Factors contributing to high car ownership in Cyprus:

  • Limited public transportation: The island’s public transportation system is not well-developed, making cars a necessity for many people.
  • Geographic factors: The relatively large size of the island and the dispersed population make it difficult to get around without a car.
  • Cultural factors: Car ownership is seen as a status symbol in Cyprus, and many people aspire to own a car.

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