Cyprus suspends passport applications amid citizenship requirements overhaul

Cyprus suspends passport applications amid citizenship requirements overhaul

Key changes to citizenship requirements

Cyprus recently introduced significant changes to its citizenship requirements. Language and local knowledge certificates are now mandatory for all individuals seeking Cypriot passports.

Practical implementation still unclear

However, specific details on how the new requirements will be applied in practice remain unclear. Consequently, new citizenship applications are temporarily on hold.

Committee formed to assess test results

A special committee comprising representatives from the Ministries of Interior, Education, and Justice has been tasked with evaluating the test results.

Review of citizenship test underway

According to a Ministry of Interior official, the content of the Cypriot realities test is currently under review. This means that although the amendment to the law was passed and approved by Parliament, it has not yet been implemented in practice.

New applications suspended pending clarity on tests

The Migration Department has suspended accepting new citizenship applications altogether while awaiting a final decision on the tests. In effect, this means that the process of obtaining citizenship has been stalled for many until the relevant authorities provide clarity on the tests.

Clarification on tests expected soon

“Our aim is to finalize the rules for the exams as soon as possible. So that the amendment to the law on citizenship can become a reality and so that new applications can be accepted,” the Interior Ministry representative assured.

Other factors affecting citizenship applications

Besides the new language and local knowledge requirements, other factors can also impact the processing time for citizenship applications, such as:

  • Completeness and accuracy of application documents
  • Background checks and due diligence
  • Overall workload of the Migration Department

Recommendations for applicants

Individuals interested in applying for Cypriot citizenship are advised to:

  • Seek professional guidance from an immigration lawyer or consultant
  • Ensure that all application documents are complete and accurate
  • Be patient and prepared for a lengthy processing time

The recent changes to Cyprus’ citizenship requirements have introduced additional hurdles for prospective applicants. While the new regulations aim to enhance the integrity of the citizenship program, they have also created uncertainty and delays in the application process. As the relevant authorities work to finalize the implementation details, interested individuals should stay informed of any updates and be prepared for a longer processing time.

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