Turkish Pegasus “abolishes hand luggage”

Turkish Pegasus "abolishes hand luggage"

Pegasus will now charge economy class passengers extra for hand luggage

There have been no official announcements from the low-cost airline about the innovations. The list of tariffs on the official website still shows four of them, as before. But there will be changes.


As with Transavia, this is an attempt to replicate the rules of European low-cost airlines, where it has long been necessary to pay for placing luggage on the shelf.


➖ Despite the lack of an official announcement, the changes have already appeared in the hand luggage information section on the English version of the website.

➖ Pegasus will introduce a new fare, which will only allow you to take a small bag into the cabin that fits under the seat. It will be called Light and will only be available on international flights.

➖ The bag must not weigh more than 3 kg with dimensions of 40x30x15 cm. It will not be possible to place it on the luggage rack – only under the seat in front.

➖ Passengers who bought tickets earlier will not be forced to pay extra for a suitcase, because previously there was simply no Light fare – that is, the carriage of luggage on the shelf is included by default.

➖ However, there are also changes to other tariffs. Previously, the cheapest Basic fare provided one piece of hand luggage with dimensions of 55x40x20 cm without weight restrictions, but now a limit has been introduced – no more than 8 kg. The dimensions remain the same.

➖ In addition, according to HavaSosyalMedya, Pegasus will introduce a quota for the carriage of hand luggage on luggage racks. For example, no more than 50 units for the A321. Priority will be given to passengers choosing more expensive fares with an already included seat on the shelf. If a passenger with a Light ticket arrives with luggage that needs to be placed on the shelf, they will be fined 50 euros.

What does this mean for passengers?

Passengers who are used to flying Pegasus on a budget will now have to pay more for the convenience of taking hand luggage into the cabin. This could make it more expensive to fly with Pegasus, especially for those who travel with a lot of luggage.

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