You can still obtain Turkish citizenship in 2024 by investing at least $400,000

You can still obtain Turkish citizenship by investing at least $400,000

You can still obtain Turkish citizenship by investing at least $400,000. Turkey updated the terms of the program on January 2, 2024, but did not raise the investment threshold.

The citizenship application now needs to be submitted in person in Turkey. Under the new rules, the investor and their spouse must provide fingerprints and have their photos taken at the immigration office for the passport. The investor’s children do not need to travel to Turkey.

The investor’s spouse needs to confirm their residency status in Turkey, which should be valid at the time of the citizenship application.

The spouse can be included after the investor and their children have obtained the passport. In this case, the investor needs to obtain written consent from the second parent before submitting the application.

The investor and their spouse must also provide a certified criminal record certificate from their country of citizenship.

UInvest Group lawyers can assist in gathering the necessary documents – consult the experts in investment programs.

Turkish citizenship will be granted for purchasing real estate worth at least $400,000. Properties can be rented out or sold after 3 years. Prices of Turkish real estate continue to rise, with a 90% annual increase in 2023.

With a Turkish passport, you can travel to 113 countries without a visa and obtain long-term visas in countries within the Schengen Agreement and the US. Citizenship is granted within 6-8 months – faster than in other countries.

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