Advantages and features of Residence permit in Northern Cyprus

Residence permit in Northern Cyprus is one of the attractive options for foreigners who want to obtain the right to live and have comfortable living conditions on this beautiful island.

For Russians, Belarusians, and Ukrainians, Northern Cyprus opens its doors within the visa-free regime. Upon entering the country, our compatriots receive a stamp in their passport, allowing them to stay in Cyprus for 1 to 3 months.

However, for a longer and more comfortable stay on the island, many foreigners strive to obtain a residence permit in Northern Cyprus. With resident status, they can fully enjoy all the advantages available to local residents.

The procedure for obtaining a residence permit in Northern Cyprus is quite simple and accessible to foreigners. The application can be submitted online or at the central immigration office. The cost of a one-year residence permit is only 500 Turkish liras, which is approximately 1800 Russian rubles.

However, the advantages enjoyed by residence permit holders are much more than just the possibility of living in the country. Among them are:

– Free stay in Northern Cyprus. Residence permit holders have the right to unlimited stay in the country.

– Right to legal work and business activities. Interested individuals can engage in entrepreneurial activities, open their own companies, and develop their businesses.

– Quality healthcare and education. Residence permit holders have access to quality medical care and education, including the opportunity to enroll in local universities.

– Possibility to open a bank account in a TRNC bank. Residence permit holders have the opportunity to open a bank account in a regional TRNC bank, which simplifies financial operations on the island.

– Prospect of obtaining citizenship. Subject to certain conditions, residence permit holders may have a chance to obtain full citizenship of Northern Cyprus.


Obtaining a residence permit in Northern Cyprus can be associated with purchasing real estate. However, the law does not establish requirements for the minimum purchase price, allowing foreigners to choose real estate properties that correspond to their preferences and capabilities.

For those who want to obtain a residence permit through real estate purchase, the application process takes about 2 weeks. Initially, the residence permit is issued for one year, and it can be extended by providing documents confirming property ownership.

However, besides purchasing real estate, foreigners can obtain a residence permit for the purpose of opening their own business, education, employment, participation in exchange programs, receiving medical assistance, or citizenship. There is also a simplified option for obtaining a residence permit for retirees – purchasing a house in Northern Cyprus.

Those who work remotely or under an employment contract outside of Northern Cyprus can also obtain a residence permit. The main requirement is income, which must be at least 3500 euros per month after tax and insurance deductions.

Each category of immigrants has its own peculiarities of obtaining long-term stay. However, once obtaining a residence permit, foreigners can stay in Northern Cyprus, work, study, and conduct business for an extended period of time.

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