Permanent Residence Permit in Northern Cyprus. Rules for obtaining a residence permit in Northern Cyprus in 2023

Northern Cyprus is a popular destination to obtain a residence permit, providing foreigners the opportunity to legally reside and work on the island. In 2023, there are two main ways to obtain a residence permit in Northern Cyprus: residency based on property and residency based on high income.

The first step in obtaining a residence permit in Northern Cyprus is choosing a property. Uinvest Group provides its clients with professional assistance in individually selecting properties, whether it be a villa in Northern Cyprus or a commercial space. After reserving the selected property, the Uinvest Group team proceeds to legalize the sales contract and register it in the land registry. This way, the property becomes the applicant’s ownership, even if they have long-term financing.

Northern Cyprus is an island state with its own legal system, distinct from that of Turkey. Therefore, the next step in the residence permit process is obtaining a certificate from the mukhtar (local leader), confirming the residential address. A responsible individual is appointed in each municipality to issue and sign such certificates. Don’t forget to affix a stamp, as the document is considered invalid without it. Stamps can be obtained at any post office.

The next step in obtaining a residence permit in Northern Cyprus is submitting an electronic application to the immigration office through the official website Save this information to avoid losing it. After creating a personal account on this website, the applicant can track the approval process of their residence permit.

After the immigration office confirms the document package, the readiness percentage of the residence permit will be displayed in the applicant’s personal account. The only thing left is to undergo a medical examination, which includes blood tests, chest X-rays, and a Mantoux test. The nearest medical center can be found in the application available on the official website.

After submitting all the necessary documents and the results of the medical examination, the only thing left to do is to wait for the residence permit to be approved and pay the government fee.

However, despite the process seeming straightforward, even a small mistake can result in a denial of the residence permit in Northern Cyprus. Therefore, it is best to trust the team of lawyers from Uinvest Group to ensure that all requirements and procedures are correctly followed. In that case, applicants can enjoy their stay while the team of professionals takes care of all the necessary formalities and documentary processes.

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