Bina Kimlik Sertifikası (BKS). Building identification certificate

The Building Identification Certificate (BKS) is a new system that will play an important role in ensuring the safety of buildings in Turkey. All homes must be earthquake resistant and undergo regular inspections to minimize potential hazards.


One of the problems we face when buying a property is not knowing what materials it was built from and what design changes were made. BKS solves this problem by providing us with information about the building, its condition and basic characteristics.


The main purpose of this identification certificate is to allow the building to be easily verified. For this purpose, signs with QR codes and RFID chips will be placed at the entrances to buildings.


The purpose of this plate, as stated on the website of the Ministry of the Environment, is:


“In the event of a natural disaster such as fire, earthquake, etc., information in signs placed on the building will be accessible from a long distance (up to 50 meters) in each plane through an RFID reader, allowing access to vital information : From the age of the building to the type of concrete used, from the floor plans to the quality of the material, included in great detail. Detailed photographs of the final appearance of the building are also included in the ID card. Thanks to this information and photographs, any subsequent changes can be easily detected.”


This will allow you to quickly and conveniently obtain information about the building, its history and condition. Thanks to this, buyers and tenants will be able to make informed decisions when choosing residential or commercial premises.


The building’s certificate will be renewed every five years. During the inspection process, specialists will analyze the building’s design, its materials and technical systems. All information about the results of the inspection will be regularly recorded in a special system that will be available to the public.


BKS will be an important milestone in reducing the impact of earthquakes. Thanks to this system, it will be possible to reduce risks and increase the safety of buildings. In addition, this innovative product will help restore confidence in the real estate sector not only in Turkey itself, but also beyond its borders. Recorded building condition data will be one of the key criteria when making decisions about investment and business in that building.


For new buildings, qualifying building inspection companies can obtain certification by paying a certification fee. From 2021, this certificate must be obtained and posted in order for the building to be open for use. For buildings older than 2021, there is no mandatory date yet.


BKS is a guarantee of transparency and reliability in the real estate industry. This system will help create safe and resilient buildings that can withstand the effects of earthquakes. Thanks to it, we will be able to assess the real condition of the building and make informed decisions when buying or renting real estate. BKS is a new stage in the development of the real estate sector, which will contribute to its improvement and expansion of opportunities for all stakeholders.

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