Rules for renting Turkish real estate

New changes in the rules for renting real estate. These changes will require property owners to comply with new requirements and obtain the appropriate licenses from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.


One of the main changes pertains to short-term rentals, which are now limited to a period of less than 100 days. The logic behind this restriction is that tourists cannot stay in Turkey for more than 90 consecutive days. The new rules also require property owners to display a sign at the entrance of the building indicating that rental accommodation is available.


To obtain a license for renting out property, owners will need to obtain the consent of all apartment owners in the building where the rental property is located. However, it is important to note that the license is issued for the entire building, not for individual apartments. This means that a meeting must be held where a unanimous decision is made regarding the possibility of renting out the entire building.


Although the system is not yet fully operational, it is expected that developers will obtain the consent of owners for rental purposes at the time of sale. Therefore, signing a consent document will become part of the transaction.


If the same owner rents out more than five apartments in one building, they must register their company. It is also important to note that the initiative to obtain permission lies with the lessor. However, if the lessor is unable to personally rent out the property, they can use the services of certified category A tourist agencies.


In the event of a change in the owner’s status, such as death or the termination of legal entity activity, the license will be revoked if the change is not reported within 90 days. However, the rights of the tenants will be preserved until the expiration of the contract.


Subleasing is prohibited: the tenant cannot sublet the property rented from the owner to third parties on their own behalf and at their own expense. The exception is when legal entities rent out premises to their staff.


The new rules represent a significant step towards organizing and regulating the real estate rental market in Turkey. Compliance with these rules will provide greater security for both lessors and tenants, as well as improve the quality of the services offered.

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