The cheapest and most expensive cities in Turkey

According to a study conducted by TUIK, the cheapest and most expensive cities in Turkey have been identified.


Let’s start with the cheapest cities. According to the data, the most affordable places to live are located in Eastern Anatolia, Southeastern Anatolia, and the Mediterranean region. Among the major cities, Konya, Gaziantep, and Sanliurfa are the most affordable. 


However, if we look at the overall list of the cheapest cities in Turkey, we see the following results:


Eastern Anatolia:

– Bolu

– Kars

– Igdir

– Ardahan


Southeastern Anatolia:

– Mardin

– Batman

– Sirnak

– Siirt


Mediterranean region:

– Hatay

– Kahramanmaras


Now, let’s move on to the most expensive cities in Turkey. Undoubtedly, Istanbul tops this list, which is expected considering its status as a major international city. The cost of living in Istanbul accounts for 14.75%. Izmir ranks second with a share of 9.4%, while Ankara takes third place with a value of 6.62%.


Here is a list of the most expensive cities in Turkey:


  1. Istanbul
  2. Izmir
  3. Ankara
  4. Kocaeli
  5. Sakarya
  6. Duzce
  7. Bolu
  8. Yalova

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