Birth of a foreign child in Turkey

Every year Türkiye shows record real estate sales to foreigners. Emigrants purchase housing in this country mainly for permanent residence. With the increasing number of immigrants in Turkey, questions are increasingly being raised about the legal status of children born into immigrant families and their rights.



A child born in Turkey to foreign parents may be eligible for Turkish citizenship in the following cases:

  1. If both parents are Turkish citizens.
  2. If one of the parents is a Turkish citizen and the child was born in an official marriage.
  3. If a child was born out of wedlock, but his father, who is a Turkish citizen, officially recognized him and established paternity.
  4. If a child born to a foreigner was adopted by a Turkish citizen.


Resident card:

All foreigners permanently residing in Turkey are entitled to obtain a residence permit (RP). A newborn child can also obtain a residence permit if the appropriate documents have been submitted. However, for this it is necessary to officially register the birth of the child at the consulate. It is recommended to do this as soon as possible, within 30 days after birth. Otherwise, you will need to explain the reasons for the delay in submitting documents at the consulate. It is important to note that if the child’s parents do not have a residence permit and came to Turkey only for childbirth, then the child is not entitled to a residence permit.


Rights of a foreign child:

A child born in Turkey and holding a residence permit has a number of rights, including:

  1. Free education at a Turkish school or visiting a Turkish kindergarten at your place of residence.
  2. The opportunity to study at any paid school and attend a private kindergarten.
  3. Possibility of admission to higher educational institutions both on a paid and free basis, in accordance with the conditions of the university.
  4. The possibility of receiving free medical care through insurance, as well as receiving paid medical care in private clinics.


If you are considering purchasing real estate in Turkey and are interested in issues related to obtaining a residence permit and citizenship, you can seek help from an international real estate company in Turkey – UINVEST GROUP. We are ready to provide you with the necessary assistance and advice in these matters.

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