Export of cash currency

Exporting cash is a hot topic for many travelers, so being aware of this process is an important part of planning a trip to Turkey.


In accordance with current legislation, it is possible to export cash currency from Turkey without having to fill out a declaration when exporting an amount not exceeding 10,000 euros. Export currencies can be either dollars or euros. It is important to note that some sources claiming a $5,000 limit are incorrect, as this limit only applies through 2016.


If you plan to export currency in Turkish lira, then pay attention to the limit of 25,000 lira. If this amount is exceeded, it will be necessary to provide appropriate documents confirming the origin of these funds.


It is important to note that the rules for exporting cash currency from Turkey do not depend on the age of the traveler. Therefore, both an adult and a child can withdraw cash. If a child takes money out, he must have the physical funds.


It is also recommended to check the rules for importing currency into the country you are traveling to after visiting Turkey. Some countries may restrict the ability of minors to import currency, so it is important to be aware of the requirements and provide all necessary documents if necessary.


Export with declaration. The official version on the customs website reads:


“Non-residents and Turkish citizens residing in Turkey but working abroad, provided that they declare upon entry into the country, and persons residing in Turkey, provided that they prove that they have purchased foreign currency from banks and private financial institutions , they can freely take money abroad with them.”


Compliance with these restrictions and requirements will help to avoid unnecessary problems and guarantee normal border passage.

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