How to extend a residence permit in Turkey?

For foreigners who wish to live in Turkey for an extended period of time on legal grounds, it is necessary to obtain a special document – ikamet, which is a residence permit or a type of residence permit. This document allows you to stay in Turkey for the entire duration of its validity.


Every year, the Immigration Service issues about 1,000,000 ikamet cards to foreign citizens. Usually, the initial validity period of the residence permit is one year, but this permit can be extended by submitting an application to the Immigration Office.


The question of extending a residence permit in Turkey in 2023 is one of the most important topics for foreign citizens planning to move to this Eastern Republic.


Preparing to submit documents for the extension of a residence permit


Before starting the process of extending ikamet in Turkey, it is important to properly prepare for document submission. Below are several important points:


  1. Applying for an extension of a residence permit is possible only through the Immigration Service within Turkey. The application cannot be submitted through the Turkish consulate in your country of residence.


  1. It is recommended to submit the application in advance, two months before the expiration date of the current residence permit. In case of rejection, you will have enough time to take alternative measures, such as preparing documents for another type of residence permit.


  1. Separate document packages are required for each family member, including children.


  1. The start date of the new ikamet card is determined as the next date after the expiration of the previous residence permit.


  1. Having medical insurance is mandatory, except for children under 18 years old and elderly people over 65. Medical insurance must cover the entire period of the requested residence permit.


  1. Photos will be required for the new ID card. Save electronic copies of the photos as they will be necessary when filling out the online application.


Required documents for the extension of a residence permit for adults:


– Passport and its copy.

– Copy of the valid ikamet card (on both sides), certified by a notary.

– Document confirming the registered address. This can be a printout from the e-Devlet electronic database or a notarized rental agreement. In the case of owning Turkish real estate, a copy of the TAPU is required instead of a rental agreement.

– Filled and printed application form.

– Receipt confirming payment of the government fee at the bank.

– Biometric photos (4 pieces).

– Bank account statement in Turkey showing financial transactions in 2023, confirming the availability of sufficient funds for each family member’s livelihood.

– Medical insurance.

– Apostilled marriage and birth certificates, certified by the consulate of your country of residence.


Documents for the extension of ikamet for children:


– Passport and its copy.

– Copy of the current residence permit.

– Turkish address data printed from e-Devlet.

– Completed application form on the Immigration Office website.

– Bank payment receipt (the amount of the fee will be specified after filling out the application).

– Biometric photos of the child (4 pieces).

– Apostilled birth certificate and its notarized translation.


If one of the parents cannot be present when submitting documents for the child’s residence permit, a notarized permission in Turkish and a copy of the marriage certificate with an apostille are required.


Important! For up-to-date information on document preparation, it is recommended to contact the Information Center of the Turkish Immigration Service (YIMER 157) at 157 for those in Turkey, or +90 312 157 11 22 for citizens outside of the country.


At the moment, extending a residence permit based on property ownership (TAPU) is one of the most reliable ways to guarantee long-term stay in Turkey.


If you have any questions regarding the process of extending a residence permit or if you need consultation on purchasing real estate and legalizing residence in Turkey, you can always seek assistance from the managers of UINVEST GROUP. We will not only help you acquire reliable real estate but also provide the necessary consultation on obtaining a Turkish residence permit.

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