Buying and investing in real estate in Turkey

Buying and investing in real estate in Turkey has numerous advantages. First and foremost, Turkey is a rapidly developing country that increased its oil and gas production in 2023, opening up new prospects for the economy and attracting investors.


It is also worth noting that Turkey has opened its first nuclear power plant in partnership with Rosatom, demonstrating the long-term relationship between Turkey and Russia.


Turkey is an international hub with direct flights all over the world, making it accessible to travelers and investors from around the globe. Istanbul, in particular, is a key city for business and tourism, as all roads lead to it. Turkish Airlines, one of the leading airlines in the world, offers a wide range of flights and comfortable travel conditions.


Another advantage of buying and investing in real estate in Turkey is year-round rental potential. Properties in this country can be rented out throughout the year, providing a stable income, not just during vacation seasons.


The multinational demand is another attractive aspect of buying and investing in real estate in Turkey. Turkey attracts investors and tourists from all over the world, including countries in the Persian Gulf, Iran, Europe, and Asia.


Istanbul, Turkey’s largest city, is the only city in the world that connects Europe and Asia. This unique geographical position makes it attractive for both business and tourism.


Turkey is a key trade route between Europe and Asia, with numerous trade routes passing through it, including Russian exports. Many large companies choose Turkey to open their branches and offices.


Low mortgage rates are available for residents of Turkey, making property purchases even more attractive to potential buyers.


In case of any issues in the foreign real estate market, there is always a local market that provides a stable alternative.


Finally, many complexes in Turkey offer property rentals in US dollars, which is also important for foreign investors.


Overall, Turkey offers numerous advantages for buying and investing in real estate. From the country’s rapid development and international accessibility to year-round rental potential and multinational demand, Turkey is an attractive place to create a future and ensure the well-being of your loved ones.

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