Procedure for obtaining citizenship

The procedure for obtaining Turkish citizenship is a complex and multi-stage process. However, with the assistance of our licensed agency, which has its own legal department, you can obtain Turkish citizenship without any hassle.


Only Turkish lawyers work in our agency, which is an important factor when choosing a partner for a citizenship application. Our specialists possess all the necessary knowledge and experience to provide you with full support at every stage of the process.


The first step in the Turkish citizenship acquisition process is acquiring real estate. The real estate can be either completed properties or properties under construction, such as commercial real estate, land, or even an established business, like a restaurant. However, the main requirement is the presence of Tapu, an official document confirming property ownership rights.


After selecting and reserving the property, an appraisal is conducted to determine the market value’s compliance with the contract’s value. If the appraisal results match the contract price, we facilitate the direct transfer of funds from the buyer, bypassing intermediaries. Our company provides assistance and full support to our clients in banking operations, cryptocurrency, and other financial transactions.


One of the important advantages we offer is the opportunity for online property showings and reservations without the need for the client to visit in person. For example, if the property is under construction, our broker visits the site and provides full information and showings of what the client wants to see.


After the payment for the property is made, we arrange a 3-year lock-in period for selling the apartment. All necessary procedures and documents are handled by our lawyers without the client’s involvement. The application for the lock-in period is submitted to the municipality of the district where the property was acquired.


Afterward, we obtain a conformity certificate confirming that all processes have been completed, and the property fully meets the requirements for obtaining citizenship. This is one of the key stages in the citizenship application process.


Further steps involve providing investors’ documents, such as passports, birth certificates, marriage certificates, and children’s birth certificates with apostille certification. All these formalities are fully supervised by our lawyers, who take responsibility for the correct completion and timely submission of all necessary documents.


The current processing time for citizenship is approximately 6-7 months from the moment the property lock-in is obtained.


In conclusion, it should be noted that compliance with the entire protocol for obtaining Turkish citizenship can only be guaranteed by a licensed agency with a legal department. Contact us, and our qualified specialists will assist you in achieving your goal of obtaining Turkish citizenship without any hassle.

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