Turkey. The key to success in the next five years

The key to success in the next five years, according to the 12th Development Plan in Turkey, involves a series of ambitious goals and indicators.

Firstly, a 5% economic growth is expected, which will enable a GDP of $1 trillion 589 billion to be achieved. This economic development will positively affect the citizens’ quality of life, as the GDP per capita is expected to reach $17,554. This means an increase in the overall income of the population and an improvement in economic well-being.

Additionally, the Development Plan focuses on combating unemployment and aims to reduce this indicator to 7.5%. Reducing the unemployment rate implies an increase in the number of jobs and will enable citizens to provide for their needs adequately.

Another important aspect of Turkey’s economic development is increasing the export of goods to $375 billion.

Another important goal in the Development Plan is to increase tourism revenue to $100 billion. Tourism is a vital sector in Turkey’s economy, and the development of this industry is crucial for attracting foreign guests and foreign currency inflow. Increasing tourism revenue will strengthen Turkey’s position as a leading tourist destination and contribute to the development of the necessary infrastructure.

Finally, reducing inflation to 4.7% by 2028 is another significant aspect of economic development. Eliminating inflationary pressures will ensure price stability and financial market stability.

In conclusion, the Development Plan for the next five years in Turkey sets ambitious but realistic goals to ensure stable and sustainable economic growth, improve citizens’ lives, and attract foreign investments.

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