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Cyprus Holiday

Cyprus Holidays

Cyprus is an island country known as the pearl of the Mediterranean and has been home to different civilisations throughout history. With its unique geographical location and rich historical heritage, A Cyprus holiday is an attractive destination for families and friends. The southern coast of Cyprus attracts the attention of people with its turquoise waters and golden sandy beaches. Popular seaside towns such as Kyrenia, Larnaca, Limassol and Ayia Napa are ideal places for sunbathing, swimming and water sports. In addition, the Karpaz Peninsula, located in the north of the island, is a paradise waiting to be discovered for Cyprus holidays with its virgin beaches and natural life.

It is also possible to discover historical and cultural richness during Cyprus holidays. Ancient cities, castles, churches and mosaics on the UNESCO World Heritage List are worth seeing for history enthusiasts. Cyprus cuisine also appeals to the taste buds of those who make a Cyprus holiday. Seafood, olive oil dishes, kebabs and mezes are just a few of the delicious dishes of the island. While tasting traditional Cypriot dishes, trying local wines and desserts offers an unforgettable experience.

A Cyprus holiday offers many hiking trails and trekking routes full of natural beauty. The hiking trails, especially in the Troodos Mountains, offer an adventure waiting to be discovered, full of spectacular views and wildlife. Diving is also a popular activity on Cyprus holidays. The island’s waters are famous for their colourful coral reefs and rich marine life. Places to visit on a Cyprus holiday include ancient cities, museums, monasteries and natural reserves. St Hilarion Castle, Bellapais Monastery and the Cyprus Archaeological Museum are ideal for those who want to explore the island’s rich history and cultural heritage.

Nightlife in Cyprus is also lively. Cities such as Kyrenia and Ayia Napa are full of nightclubs, bars and restaurants. Ayia Napa, in particular, is known as a popular party centre among young Cyprus holidaymakers, offering fun parties that last until dawn. All in all, Cyprus holidays offer the perfect combination of sun, sea, history and flavour. There are many activities to do and places to visit on this unique island, which appeals to all types of holidaymakers. Cyprus is a diverse and exciting destination offering something for every kind of people.

Map of Cyprus

Cyprus Map is a type of map located in the east of the Mediterranean Sea and showing the geographical features of the island in detail. It usually includes all regions, cities, towns, villages, landforms and water resources of the island country. The map is used for tourists and locals to explore the island for Cyprus holidays, plan travel routes and explore the surrounding places.

The Cyprus Map also includes roads, motorways, main arteries and other transport lines. This makes it easier for travellers to navigate the island and helps them determine the most suitable route and journey options when making their plans. At the same time, the historical and cultural sites marked on the map indicate the important points that Cyprus holiday’s tourists can visit, so that visitors can be easily guided as they explore the island’s historical and cultural richness.

Cyprus is best for…

Cyprus holidays as a destination are unique and attractive in many ways. Here are a few features that make us think that Cyprus holidays are the best:

  • Natural beauty: Cyprus holidays are notable for its spectacular beaches, turquoise sea, mountains and rich wildlife. The island’s coastline offers an excellent sunbathing and swimming experience with fine sandy beaches and clean sea. In addition, the hiking trails and nature reserves in the Troodos Mountains offer nature lovers many beauties waiting to be discovered.
  • History and culture: Cyprus has a rich historical and cultural heritage. It is home to many historical monuments and ruins from the ancient Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman periods. Ancient cities, castles, monasteries, monasteries and museums on the UNESCO World Heritage List are Cyprus holiday destinations worth visiting for history buffs.
  • Delicious cuisine: Cyprus cuisine reflects a rich and diverse culinary culture. Seafood, olive oil dishes, kebabs, mezes and desserts are just a few examples of Cyprus’ delicious dishes. Tasting these delectable dishes in these local restaurants in Cyprus holiday resorts is an unforgettable experience.
  • Vibrant nightlife: Cyprus is also famous for its nightlife. Cities such as Kyrenia, Limassol and Ayia Napa are full of nightclubs, bars and live music venues. Ayia Napa in particular is known as a popular party centre during Cyprus holidays and is the ideal destination for those looking for an unforgettable night out.
  • Accommodation options: A Cyprus holiday offers a variety of accommodation options including luxury resorts, boutique hotels, hostels and apartments.

In short, Cyprus holidays are a perfect opportunity for people with its beauty, historical and cultural heritage, delicious cuisine, vibrant nightlife and a variety of accommodation options.

Fast facts for Cyprus

Cyprus is an island in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea, notable for its history, geopolitical position and cultural richness. Although it is geographically located near Asia, it is culturally and historically considered a part of Europe. The influence of many civilisations such as the Ancient Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Arab, and Ottoman Empires can be seen on the island.

However, the most significant impact on the history of Cyprus has been the rule of the Ottoman Empire and later the British Empire. The mid-20th century Cyprus conflict was the result of political and ethnic disputes between the island’s Greek and Turkish communities. In 1960, the independence of the Republic of Cyprus was proclaimed, but after the conflicts that started in 1963, two separate regions were formed, with the Turks in the north of the island and the Greeks in the south. In 1974, following Turkey’s military intervention in Cyprus, two separate states, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and the Greek Cypriot Administration of Southern Cyprus, were established on the island.

Today, the island of Cyprus is still struggling with this political division and there is a marked divergence in international recognition. However, both communities endeavour to ensure peace and prosperity on the island. Cyprus holidays are also one of the favourite tourist options in the Mediterranean and attract many visitors with its historical richness. Therefore, Cyprus is an island that attracts attention with its historical depth and current political dynamics.

Getting around Cyprus

Cyprus holidays offer an unforgettable experience on this historic island surrounded by the cool waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Cyprus is known for its rich history and culture, as well as its magnificent beaches, unique natural beauty and delicious cuisine. For a Cyprus holiday, it is important to first choose one of the spectacular beaches across the island. Golden Beach, which stretches along the coastline of Southern Cyprus, is an ideal spot for those who want to enjoy the sand and turquoise sea. Kaplıca Beach, located near Kyrenia in Northern Cyprus and surrounded by the ruins of a historic city, is also an excellent option for those looking for a tranquil atmosphere.

During Cyprus holidays, The Old Town area in Nicosia, famous for its narrow streets dating back to the Ottoman period, is a rich source of information for history buffs. In addition, the ancient city of Salamis, where many ruins from the ancient period are found, and the Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque, one of the most sacred Christian pilgrimage sites of Cyprus holidays, are other important points to visit. While on holiday in Cyprus, it is inevitable to try local delicacies. The island offers delicious examples of Mediterranean cuisine and is especially famous for its dishes prepared with seafood.

Experiencing a traditional meze and tasting local wines on Cyprus holidays is a great way to round off your holiday. All in all, Cyprus holidays offer an unforgettable adventure where unique natural beauty, rich historical and cultural heritage and delicious culinary experiences come together.

Events in Cyprus

Cyprus holidays offer holidaymakers an unforgettable experience with a variety of activities. The activities that can be done on the island range from natural beauties to historical sites, from water sports to nightlife. In Cyprus holidays, national parks and nature reserves are a great option for those who want to see endemic plant and animal species.

Many water sports activities such as diving, sailing, surfing and jet skiing can be done on the beaches of the island. The natural lagoons and beaches, especially on the Akamas Peninsula, are ideal for those who want to explore the underwater World for Cyprus holidays.

For those who want to discover historical and cultural riches, Cyprus holidays are full of ancient ruins, museums and traditional villages. The historic cities of Cyprus include Nicosia, Limassol, Kyrenia and Larnaca. The museums in these cities are ideal for those who want to learn about ancient artefacts and the past of Cyprus. Nightlife in Cyprus is also very lively. Bars, nightclubs and taverns in cities such as Limassol and Kyrenia offer great Cyprus holiday options for those looking for entertainment. With live music performances, local dance shows and impressive atmospheres, the nightlife of Cyprus allows you to experience unforgettable moments.

Finally, Cyprus cuisine is a treasure waiting to be discovered for holidaymakers. Traditional Cypriot dishes include meze plates, meatballs, kebabs and seafood. In addition, the island’s wines are also an excellent option to add flavour to your Cyprus holiday.

Cyprus safety and security

Cyprus holidays are generally considered safe holiday destinations. Both the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) and the Greek Administration of Southern Cyprus (GASC) endeavour to ensure the safety of tourists. In Northern Cyprus, the police organisation is known as the TRNC Police Organisation. The crime rate in North Cyprus is generally low and tourists feel safe. Keep valuables out of sight, be careful in crowded areas and avoid travelling alone late at night in a Cyprus holiday.

In Cyprus, the police organisation is known as the Greek Cypriot Police Force. The level of security is generally high in Southern Cyprus. Paying attention to basic security measures in Southern Cyprus will ensure you have a safe holiday. Tourists are advised to be especially careful on beaches, crowded squares and tourist areas and to keep their valuables in front of them.

On both sides, emergency numbers are available for emergencies and tourists are advised to save these numbers. It is also always a wise option to take out travel insurance so that you are protected in the unlikely event of the unexpected. A Cyprus holiday can be comforting to know that you are in a generally safe environment. However, as with any trip, it is always important to be cautious and take simple precautions to ensure your safety.

Cyprus weather

Cyprus is characterised by generally mild and sunny weather, as it has a Mediterranean climate. Spring (March-May) is usually a warm and rainy period. During this season, temperatures range from 15°C to 25°C and the beauty of the island is fully revealed as nature comes to life. Summer (June-September) is hot and dry. During this period, the temperature can reach over 30°C and the sea water temperature is also quite high, which increases the enjoyment of the beach. Autumn (October-December) is still characterised by warm and mild weather, but the amount of rainfall increases.

Temperatures range from 20°C to 25°C and naturally the island’s vegetation comes to life. Winter (January-February) is a cooler and wetter period. During this period temperatures usually range from 10°C to 15°C, with light snowfall in mountainous areas. However, it is important for visitors to dress and plan their trip according to the season and weather conditions in Cyprus holidays.

Places similar to Cyprus to visit

Similar destinations to Cyprus include Greece and Turkey, both of which have the spectacular beauty of the Mediterranean Sea and are notable for their historical richness. These countries offer a similar holiday experience to Cyprus with similar climatic conditions, historical heritage and natural beauties. While Greece attracts holidaymakers with its ancient historical buildings, magnificent islands and rich cultural heritage, Turkey offers a variety of experiences to holidaymakers with its historical cities, unique coasts and rich cuisine.


Greece is a country located in the east of the Mediterranean Sea and attracts attention with its rich historical heritage, magnificent natural beauties and unique islands. The cradle of ancient Greek civilisation, Greece is a paradise for history buffs with its historical ruins, ancient temples and museums. In this sense, it is similar to Cyprus holidays. It also dazzles with its magnificent beaches, turquoise sea and natural landscapes. Athens, the capital of Greece, is a historically and culturally important destination with its famous Acropolis and symbols such as the Parthenon temple. Greek islands such as Thessaloniki, Mykonos, Santorini and Rhodes also attract visitors with their unique beauty. Greek cuisine is also world-famous; olive oil dishes, seafood, various appetisers and traditional flavours are indispensable for a Greek holiday.

Greek islands

The islands of Greece in the Aegean and Ionian Seas are famous for their natural beauty, historical sites and unique atmosphere. Mykonos is famous for its entertainment and nightlife; Santorini is a favourite among couples for its unique scenery and romantic atmosphere; Rhodes attracts attention with its historical ruins and beautiful beaches. The Greek islands have many historical and cultural heritage sites, such as ancient temples, castles, monasteries and museums. In addition, wandering the narrow streets of traditional villages, tasting local delicacies and doing sea sports are among the enjoyable aspects of a holiday in the Greek islands. Therefore, it has similar aspects with Cyprus holidays.


Turkey is a country that attracts attention with its rich historical past, diverse cultures, magnificent natural beauties and delicious cuisine. Istanbul, the historical capital of Turkey, is a unique mosaic of different cultures and civilisations. Landmarks such as Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace and Blue Mosque attract history enthusiasts. Turkey’s Aegean and Mediterranean coasts attract holidaymakers with their magnificent beaches, clean sea and sunny weather. In addition to Cyprus holiday options, holiday resorts such as Bodrum, Antalya, Alaçatı are famous for sea tourism and nightlife. Turkish cuisine is also known worldwide; kebabs, meze varieties, flavours such as baklava are indispensable for holidays in Turkey.

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