Student Residence Permit in Cyprus: 0% Rejection Guarantee

Student Residence Permit: 0% Rejection Guarantee

Do you dream of studying abroad and obtaining a residence permit without any hassle?

UINVEST GROUP offers you a unique service – student residence permit оформление под ключ with a 0% rejection guarantee.


Wide selection of educational institutions: We offer you a wide selection of educational institutions to suit every taste and budget. You can choose a university, college, or other educational institution that meets your requirements.

Minimum package of documents: You only need your passport. We will help you collect all other necessary documents.

No exams: You do not need to take exams for admission. We will take care of your registration.

No income certificates: You do not need to provide income certificates or bank statements.

Support to the laboratory: After choosing an educational institution, we will accompany you to an accredited laboratory to pass the necessary tests and obtaining medical certificates for admission to the university.

Guaranteed annual renewal: We guarantee an annual renewal of your residence permit through our company.

UINVEST GROUP is your reliable partner on the way to education abroad!

Benefits of obtaining a student residence permit:

  • Opportunity to study at prestigious universities
  • Getting a quality education
  • Increasing your chances of finding a job abroad
  • Opportunity to travel in Europe

Cost of student residence permit:

The cost of a residence permit depends on the educational institution. Contact us to find out the exact cost.

How to start?

  • Leave a request on our website or by the Telegram or WhatsApp +968 7733 2952
  • Our consultant will contact you and answer all your questions
  • We will select a suitable educational institution for you
  • We will help you collect all the necessary documents
  • We will accompany you at all stages of paperwork a residence permit

Don’t miss your chance to get an education abroad and a residence permit!

Contact UINVEST GROUP today!


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  • Phone: +968 7733 2952 WhatsApp/Telegram
  • Email:

UINVEST GROUP is your way to education and life abroad!

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