How to Obtain Turkish Citizenship

Currently, many people have a desire to have dual citizenship, and Turkey is one of the countries that allows for it. However, it is important to note that some citizens of other countries may be required to renounce their original citizenship.


There are various ways to obtain Turkish citizenship, and we will discuss some of them.


  1. Marriage to a Turkish Citizen

If you marry a Turkish citizen, you can apply for Turkish citizenship three years after the date of marriage. It is important to note that it does not matter what type of residence permit you had during this period or whether you actually resided in Turkey.


If you apply for citizenship in Turkey, you will need a valid residence permit. If you apply in another country, your spouse must reside with you.


Currently, there are no language exams required to obtain citizenship.


  1. General Basis

If you have resided in Turkey for five years with a continuous residence permit, you can apply for citizenship on general grounds.


– Work Permit

You must work for one company and not resign from your job until you obtain citizenship.


– Property Acquisition

You must have a residence permit of type B (under the tourist stream program) and purchase a property worth at least $200 000, depending on the region.


You can be absent from Turkey for no more than one year in total over the five-year period. If you have lived in Turkey for 4.5 years without leaving, you can apply slightly earlier.


– Student Residence Permit + Other Basis

If you have a student residence permit, two years of its validity count as one “credited” year. Therefore, the maximum period of stay under a student residence permit is 8 years, provided that you worked for an additional year on a work visa.


  1. Investment Citizenship

You can also obtain Turkish citizenship by investing $400,000 in real estate or by investing $500,000 in a Turkish bank. It is important to note that you must maintain ownership of the real estate for three years.


Turkey provides the opportunity to obtain citizenship while retaining your original citizenship. You should familiarize yourself with specific requirements and rules in order to successfully apply for Turkish citizenship.

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