Interesting facts about Turkish simit

Breakfast in Turkey is a paradise for food lovers! At this time, you can enjoy aromatic simit – golden rings prepared according to ancient recipes.


In ancient times, simit was a popular snack for travelers – caravans that traveled long distances and needed nutritious and portable food. Simit was simple and easy to prepare, and most importantly – filling and tasty.


Simit became popular not only among travelers but also in royal palaces. During the reign of Suleiman the Magnificent, simit was included in the palace menu and became a favorite delicacy of both the upper class and ordinary people.


Today in Turkey, it is believed that real simit cannot do without a special ingredient – grape syrup. It gives the baked goods a golden color and makes them uniquely delicious and aromatic.


There are countless options for filling simit! You can try it with jam, honey, Nutella, or any other favorite jam. For cheese lovers, there is the option to choose simit with melted cheese, Kasarli, or white cheese, Beyaz Peyniri. Or you can enjoy plain simit without filling to fully experience its taste. It is also allowed to add various ingredients such as olives, salad, eggs, or cucumbers to create a unique combination of flavors.


Where can you try real simit? In Turkey, you can find it everywhere: in bakeries, on the streets, in markets. It is a must-have in the “Turkish breakfast,” which includes a wide variety of dishes, including our beloved simits.

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