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Oman Houses and Approach to Real Estate in Oman

With each passing year, more and more foreigners are coming to this country to start businesses and settle down with their families. Oman is home to a large number of Russian-speaking families, including elderly people and children who attend local schools. Adaptation here happens without any major issues. The Sultanate is becoming increasingly attractive for living and investment. This promising region of the Middle East offers a high level of services and comfort, including medical clinics, restaurants, theaters, and concert halls.

Why you should invest in Oman?

Real estate in Oman, particularly in its real estate sector, presents a unique and promising opportunity for investors worldwide. Known for its stable economy, strategic location, and growing tourism industry, Oman offers a diverse range of investment opportunities, especially in its housing market. Here’s why you should consider investing in Oman houses and real estate.

Stable and Growing Economy in Oman

Oman’s economy has shown resilience and steady growth over the years. This stability makes it a safe haven for real estate investors. The government’s Vision 2040 plan focuses on economic diversification, further bolstering confidence in the long-term prospects of the Omani economy.

Strategic Location of Oman

Situated at the mouth of the Persian Gulf, Oman serves as a gateway between the East and the West. This strategic location not only enhances its importance in international trade but also adds value to real estate investments, especially in coastal areas and major cities.

Tourism Sector in Oman

Oman’s rich cultural heritage and stunning natural landscapes are increasingly attracting tourists. This surge in tourism is directly impacting the demand for holiday homes, resorts, and rental properties, making real estate in Oman a lucrative investment.

Government Initiatives

The Omani government has introduced several initiatives to encourage foreign investment, including relaxed property ownership laws for non-nationals. These policies make it easier for international investors to buy and own real estate in Oman.

Growing Demand for Housing

With a burgeoning population and an increasing number of expatriates, the demand for housing in Oman is on the rise. Investing in Oman houses caters to this growing need, ensuring a steady stream of rental income or capital appreciation.

Diverse Investment Opportunities in Oman

The real estate in Oman offers a wide range of properties, from luxury villas to affordable apartments. This diversity allows investors to choose properties that align with their investment goals and budget.

Potential for High Returns

The combination of a growing economy, increasing population, and tourist influx suggests a potential for high returns on real estate in Oman. Properties in prime locations, especially in cities like Muscat, have shown significant appreciation over the years.

Interesting facts about Oman

The Sultanate of Oman is a country located in the southeast of the Arabian Peninsula. With limited borders with Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, it is surrounded by the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Oman. In 2021, Oman had a population of 3,694,755 people, 46% of whom were labor migrants and their families in 2019. More than 87% of the population is urban. Most of the residents are located in the picturesque Al-Hajar mountains and their surrounding areas in the north of the country, while the second, smaller group lives around the city of Salalah in the south. The stunning nature and rich cultural heritage make this country remarkably picturesque.

Where is the best place to live in Oman?

Oman offers several main locations for living and business. The capital city of Muscat is an economic and business center comparable to Moscow or Sochi. Another location, Salalah, is an attractive resort with a unique atmosphere. It can be compared to Bodrum or Krasnaya Polyana.

Muscat is the location of many major banks and companies, as well as educational institutions. In the vicinity of the city, there are new residential complexes that provide comfortable living with necessary facilities.

Culture of Oman

An important aspect of life in Oman is the variety of cultural events. In the capital city of Muscat, there are opera theaters that host concerts and performances, attracting both Arabs and Europeans. The rich culture and values of Oman make this country unique and offer various opportunities for leisure and entertainment. The cultural beauties in Oman will definitely influence your decision to investing in Oman.

  • Religious Influence

Islam: The predominant religion in Oman is Islam, which plays a central role in shaping the country’s cultural and social norms. The Ibadi sect of Islam, which is known for its moderate approach, is widely followed in Oman.

Tolerance: Oman is known for its religious tolerance. The country not only respects various Islamic schools of thought but also allows the practice of other religions, with churches and temples present in the country.

  • Traditional Dress

Men’s Attire: Omani men typically wear a dishdasha, a long, white or colorful robe, paired with a kuma or massar, traditional caps or turbans.

Women’s Attire: Omani women’s clothing is often vibrant and consists of intricately designed dresses called jalabiyas. They may also wear a lihaf, a headscarf.

  • Architecture

Fortifications: Oman’s landscape is dotted with forts and castles, reflecting its historical significance in maritime trade and defense. Nizwa Fort and Bahla Fort are notable examples.

Modern and Traditional Blend: Contemporary Omani architecture often incorporates traditional design elements, like arched windows and wooden doors, in modern structures.

  • Cuisine

Diversity: Omani cuisine is influenced by Arab, Persian, Indian, African, and Mediterranean flavors. It features a variety of meats, rice, spices, and seafood.

Signature Dishes: Popular dishes include shuwa, a slow-cooked marinated meat dish, and harees, a wheat-based dish.

  • Arts and Music

Traditional Music: Omani traditional music is diverse, with various styles like the lewa, razha, and mandoos being popular. These often involve drums and the oud, a type of lute.

Handicrafts: Pottery, weaving, and silver crafting are significant aspects of Omani handicrafts, reflecting the country’s artistic heritage.

  • Social Customs and Hospitality

Hospitality: Omanis are known for their hospitality, often welcoming guests with coffee (qahwa) and dates.

Respect and Courtesy: Social interactions are governed by respect and courtesy. Traditional greetings involve phrases like “As-salamu alaykum” (peace be upon you).

  • Festivals and Celebrations

Religious Festivals: Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha are major Islamic celebrations observed in Oman.

National Day: Oman’s National Day on November 18th is a patriotic celebration marking independence and the birthday of the late Sultan Qaboos.

  • Languages

Arabic: The official language is Arabic, with English widely spoken as a second language.

Other Languages: Due to its historical trading links, languages like Baluchi, Russian, Swahili, and Urdu are also spoken among communities.

Politics in Oman

Oman also offers a favorable political environment, both within the country and internationally. This makes Oman an attractive destination for foreign investors seeking safe and stable conditions for their businesses and families. In Oman, you can find all the necessary banks, companies, and other services, making it an ideal place for business relocation and long-term living.

Education in Oman

Additionally, Oman offers a high level of education. In Muscat and Salalah, there are schools, universities, and institutes for students of all ages, including preschool education. One important factor is the affordable cost of education. The cost of education in international English-language schools in Oman is lower than in Dubai or Russia. This makes Oman an attractive place for those considering the possibility of relocation and investment. The educational opportunities in Oman are a good option for investing in real estate in Oman. 

Residency in Oman

The Sultanate of Oman provides foreign investors with the opportunity to obtain permanent residency through property purchase. There is no minimum investment amount required. This means that investors are not limited by a specific amount they must invest in real estate, which sets Oman’s residency program apart from many others around the world.

Oman’s residency program allows for the inclusion of various family members. For example, spouses, children, and even adult parents can obtain residency in the Sultanate. There are no restrictions on the area or cost of the chosen property.

Moreover, many developers offer the opportunity to obtain residency in Oman for projects that are not yet completed but at the excavation stage. And this is a huge advantage.

Overall, Oman offers a wide range of opportunities for living and investment. The country attracts a high level of service, a variety of cultural events, a favorable political environment, and comfort for adaptation and living. This unique region of the Middle East is a new promised land for those seeking stability, security, and a high quality of life.

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