Marriage registration for foreigners in Turkey

Turkey is an attractive location for foreign couples who dream of getting married. The abundance of beautiful places, beaches, mountains, and resorts, as well as the presence of major cities, make this country an ideal place for a romantic wedding.


According to Turkish legislation, foreigners can get married in Turkey. However, the process of marriage registration for foreigners is slightly different from the process applied to Turkish citizens. Marriages of foreigners must be registered and recognized by Turkish authorities. Religious weddings are not conducted in Turkey, so couples are required to obtain a civil marriage.


People wishing to get married must comply with certain rules and conditions set by Turkish legislation. They must inform Turkish authorities that they are not married or in any other relationship that would prevent them from getting married. If a couple fails to provide the necessary information, authorities will not grant permission for the marriage. Moreover, if a marriage application is rejected, the couple will not be able to get married in Turkey in the future.


Marriages concluded by foreigners in Turkey are regulated by Turkish authorities in accordance with the Turkish Civil Code and relevant regulations. The main conditions under which a marriage is considered legal are:


– Capacity to marry: individuals with mental disorders do not have the right to get married. Marriage can only be entered into by individuals who have reached the age of 18.


– Absence of consanguinity: relatives cannot marry each other.


– Existing marriage: one of the main principles of Turkish family is monogamy. Therefore, individuals can only get married after a divorce.


– Waiting period: divorced women are not allowed to enter into a new marriage within 300 days (nine months) after the divorce. This waiting period can also be established by court decision.


– Health: individuals suffering from epilepsy, hysteria, and other diseases are not allowed to get married.


When registering a marriage, a specific set of documents must be provided. Here is a list of the main documents required for getting married:


  1. Marriage application: the man and woman must submit a marriage application in Turkish to the local municipality, known as “Evlenme Beyannamesi”.


  1. Identification document or birth certificate translated into Turkish by relevant authorities.


  1. Health certificate issued by a Turkish state medical institution.


  1. Four photographs of the bride and groom.


  1. Certificate of eligibility to marry (marital status), confirming the absence of marriage, divorce, or widowhood. Extracts from the civil registration records of the bride and groom may also be required.


Marriage registration for foreigners in Turkey is an important and responsible process. Therefore, it is recommended to seek information and advice from local authorities or qualified specialists in this field to ensure compliance with all rules and requirements for successful marriage registration in Turkey.

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