What Turkish citizenship provides

With a Turkish passport, an investor can visit the country at any time, travel without a visa to 113 countries around the world, or obtain an E-2 business visa to relocate to the United States.


Turkish citizenship can be obtained in a short period of time with investments starting from $400,000. The Turkish passport simplifies travel around the world and provides other advantages.


Visa-free travel to 113 countries. With a Turkish passport, entry without a visa is allowed in 73 countries, 35 countries issue visas upon arrival, and for three other countries, electronic entry permits must be obtained before traveling.


Access to quality healthcare. Turkish citizens have access to free medical services in state hospitals, and with medical insurance, discounts on services can be obtained in private clinics. Turkey has a high level of healthcare, so medical tourism is well-developed in the country. Over half a million foreigners come to the country every year for examinations and treatment of serious oncological, neurological, and other diseases.


Education benefits for children. Children of investors can attend daycare centers and study in schools in Turkey for free. Higher education in Turkey is both private and public and requires tuition fees starting from $400 per year. The top students can apply for scholarships and grants that cover part of the tuition expenses. Since 2001, Turkey has been involved in the Bologna Process. Turkish university diplomas are recognized in Europe, and students can study abroad through exchange programs.


Citizenship for all family members. An investor can include close relatives such as spouses and children under the age of 18 as part of the application for Turkish citizenship.

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