Turkey has become a popular filming location for Hollywood

In the country, 17 feature films, 21 TV series, 96 documentaries, 2 TV movies and programs, 31 commercials, and 11 music videos have been shot. Antalya deserves special mention, where Director Guy Ritchie recently finished shooting the film “Ministry of Gentleman’s War” about World War II. 


Among the major film projects shot in Turkey are “Argo”, “James Bond”, “Skyfall”, “Charlie’s Angels” and “Inferno.” 


The increased demand for Turkey as a filming location is not only due to its attractive landscapes but also to a new law that has opened the doors to foreign filmmaking and provided significant advantages in terms of space, lighting, and access to professional filming crews. 


The Ministry of Culture and Tourism is actively negotiating major projects, and it is expected that Turkey will soon become the shooting location for many important films.

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