Will all cars be replaced by electric cars?

Cyprus aims for a complete switch to electric vehicles by 2035

Cyprus aims for a complete switch to electric vehicles by 2035:

The Republic of Cyprus has set a goal of completely switching consumers to electric cars by 2035. This statement was made by government spokesman Konstantinos Letimviotis.

The government’s plan:

The government plan involves a significant leap. By 2030, 25% of new cars registered in the country must be fully electric. And five years later, that figure should be 100%.

Strategy for promoting electric vehicles:

To achieve this goal, the government has developed a strategy for promoting electric vehicles, which will be presented by Transport Minister Alexis Vafidis on February 8. It is aimed at “stimulating the purchase of zero- or low-emission vehicles and the use of alternative modes of transport.”

Environmental benefits:

This will help “to reduce the impact of transport on the environment and, in particular, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and gaseous pollutants.”

Current statistics:

However, statistics over the past four years show that the popularity of electric cars in Cyprus is far from the government’s targets. In 2023, a total of 1,322 electric vehicles were registered in the country, which accounted for only 2.91% of the total number of new vehicles registered.

Government’s perspective:

However, this is a significant increase compared to the 739 electric vehicles registered in 2022 and the 308 registered in 2021. The government sees this trend as “rapid growth” but admits that the figures are still far from their targets.

Subsidies for electric vehicle purchases:

In an effort to further increase the number of electric vehicles purchased, the government has announced a budget of €36 million to subsidize their purchase.

Subsidy amounts:

People with disabilities and large families will be eligible for subsidies of up to €15,000 for a low-emission car and up to €20,000 for a zero-emission car. Licensed taxi drivers will be eligible for a subsidy of up to €20,000 to purchase a zero-emission car for their professional activity.

Will all cars be replaced by electric cars?

It is still too early to say whether all cars will be replaced by electric cars by 2035. The success of the government’s plan will depend on a number of factors, including the availability and affordability of electric vehicles, the development of charging infrastructure, and consumer preferences.

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