Best Things To Eat in Muscat, Oman

Best Things To Eat in Muscat, Oman

Muscat shines as the pearl of Oman and this fascinating city not only attracts attention with its historical and cultural riches, but also with a tremendous culinary culture. The streets of Muscat are teeming with traditional Omani delicacies and there is something for every palate. From the dazzling architecture of the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque to the lively atmosphere of Mutrah Bazaar, from the tranquil beaches of Qurum Bay to the historic forts, Muscat is a treasure trove of delights awaiting foodies. 

From street food such as falafel and shawarma to traditional flavours such as mishkak, this city offers a wide range of gastronomic experiences for those who want to discover the richness of Omani cuisine. When you step into Muscat, you will want nothing more than to be a part of this delicious adventure. Muscat, the capital of Oman, is home to a rich and diverse culinary culture. There are many flavours to discover in the city. Here are the flavours you must try in Muscat:


Falafel, a delicious snack you can find on the streets of Muscat, is a flavour preferred especially for breakfast and lunch. Prepared with chickpeas, grain mustard, onion, fresh greens and spices, falafel is cooked by frying or baking. It is usually served in bread or with salads. You can find fresh and delicious falafel in many street shops in the city.

Falafel is a delicious snack that has an important place in Muscat cuisine. It is shaped like round meatballs, soft on the inside and covered with a crispy crust on the outside. It is usually served in lavash bread or with salads. You can find delicious falafel in many places in Muscat, from street vendors to restaurants. It is flavoured with tahini or yoghurt-based sauces.


Shawarma, which has an important place among the street flavours in Muscat, is a type of doner made of chicken or beef. The meat is usually cooked in tandoor or grilled and served with fresh vegetables, tahini sauce and bread. Shawarma stands are frequent flavour stops in many parts of the city.

Shawarma is a popular snack often found on the streets of Muscat. It is placed on a flat skewer and cooked slowly over a rotating fire. It is then cut into thin slices and usually served in bread with fresh vegetables, pickles and various sauces. Shawarma, which attracts attention with its taste and presentation, can be found on many street corners or in shops on popular streets in Muscat.


Mishkak, one of the traditional snacks of Oman, is famous for its spicy chicken skewers. The chicken is marinated in a special spice mixture, then skewered and grilled. While wandering the streets of Muscat, you can visit mishkak stalls and try this delicious snack.

Mishkak is a traditional flavour of Omani cuisine. It can be defined as spicy chicken skewers. Mishkak is prepared by marinating chicken pieces in a special spice mixture and then skewering them and grilling them. This spicy flavour is usually served with rice or bread. You can try this local favourite while wandering the streets of Muscat or in traditional restaurants.

Karak Chai

Karak tea, which has an important place in Omani culture, is a drink prepared by brewing strong black tea with special spices. You can taste this hot, spicy drink in various tea houses or street vendors in Muscat and experience the local culture.

This drink, which is usually prepared by brewing black tea with special spices, is enriched with nutmeg, cinnamon and other spices. It is flavoured with milk and sugar. Karak tea can be served cold as well as hot. While wandering the streets of Muscat, you can taste this aromatic drink in traditional tea houses or cafes. Karak tea is an indispensable part of the Muscat experience with its warmth and spicy flavour.

Omani Bread

Omani bread is traditionally brown in colour, round and flat. This bread, which is usually served with breakfast or lunch, is especially in perfect harmony with traditional dishes. This bread, which you can buy fresh from local bakeries, can be widely found on the streets of Muscat. Its dense texture and characteristic flavour is a perfect match especially with local dishes.


Muscat’s local kebabs are meat dishes cooked in a tandoor or on the grill. Beef, lamb or chicken is flavoured with special spices and marinades and usually served with rice or bread.  In Muscat, kebabs offer a delicious dining experience with a rich flavour, prepared with traditional Omani recipes and local spices. You can try a variety of kebabs in restaurants or street flavour shops.

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