Greece Tightens Golden Visa Requirements: Higher Investment Thresholds Expected

Greece Tightens Golden Visa Requirements: Higher Investment Thresholds Expected

Key changes:

* Increased minimum investment: The Greek government plans to raise the minimum investment required for a Golden Visa, aiming to curb program popularity and stabilize housing prices.
* Targeted increase: Specific areas, like Piraeus, Rhodes, and Crete, may see bigger jumps from the current €250,000 threshold.
* Exception for listed properties: Lower thresholds might apply to incentivize investment in specific underperforming property sectors.
* Continued appeal: Despite potential hikes, Greece remains attractive due to its relatively low minimum investment compared to other European programs.

Detailed Analysis:

The Greek government is poised to raise the minimum investment needed for its Golden Visa program, which grants residency permits to foreign investors in exchange for property purchases. This move aims to address concerns about surging program popularity and its impact on housing affordability.

While specific details are still pending, reports suggest a rise from the current €250,000 threshold across various regions. Areas experiencing significant property hikes, like Piraeus, could see bigger increases. Interestingly, listed properties might benefit from lower minimums, encouraging investment in specific market segments.

Despite potential changes, Greece’s program remains alluring for foreign investors due to its lower entry point compared to competitors. Data reveals a surge in interest from nationalities like British and Israeli, highlighting its ongoing attractiveness.

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