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The services provided by Uinvest Group cover a wide range of client needs in real estate, business, legal support, and financial operations abroad. Whether you desire to acquire a luxury villa or a plot of land, open a business overseas, or obtain a second citizenship, Uinvest Group will provide you with full support at every stage.


One of the main services offered by Uinvest Group is the search and individual selection of real estate properties, ranging from luxury villas and residences to rooms in world-renowned hotels such as Hilton, Hyatt, Sheraton, and others. A team of professionals will assist you in finding the perfect property with a guaranteed rental income in currency. Additionally, Uinvest Group offers assistance in purchasing ready-made businesses abroad and acquiring land plots.


In addition to real estate services, we also provide a complete range of legal services related to dual citizenship and immigration. If you are interested in obtaining a second citizenship or immigrating to another country, Uinvest Group will provide the necessary assistance and support at every stage of the process.


Furthermore, the company offers services in the field of financial operations abroad. Uinvest Group will help you open an account in an international bank in countries such as Turkey, Oman, and Northern Cyprus. Opening an account in an international bank abroad will provide you with access to convenient financial instruments and the opportunity to conduct business in other countries.


Uinvest Group also assists in setting up a company overseas “turnkey.” Our team of professionals accompanies the entire process from choosing the legal form of the company to registration and issuing the necessary documents. The Uinvest Group team will help you avoid legal problems and simplify the process of establishing your business overseas.


An important part of Uinvest Group’s services is the design and connection of utilities in your real estate properties. Our team of professionals will develop a customized design and ensure the connection of all necessary utilities, making your property fully functional and ready to use.


Uinvest Group operates as a one-stop service, guaranteeing our clients a convenient and efficient process of obtaining the necessary services. We care about each client, providing an individual approach and our professional assistance.


Online transactions have become an integral part of modern business. Uinvest Group offers fully supported online transactions, including the process of purchasing real estate and even obtaining citizenship. We provide our clients with the necessary information and legal support at every stage of the online transaction, ensuring the security and reliability of the process.


In the next article, we will provide more details on the possibility of obtaining citizenship online. Uinvest Group provides services in this area, ensuring maximum efficiency and convenience for our clients.

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