How to get TAPU remotely if you are not in Turkey

When carrying out real estate transactions, UInvest strives to take on all the inconvenience associated with paperwork in order to simplify the process for the buyer. To do this, our clients often provide us with a power of attorney to issue a certificate of ownership – TAPU.


We pre-prepare the necessary documents for the power of attorney, which is executed by a Turkish notary in the presence of an accredited translator. Thanks to this, our customers do not spend a lot of time waiting for bureaucratic formalities – we immediately come to the notary for signing.


To issue a power of attorney, you only need your foreign passport, tax number (TIN) and photograph.


After issuing a power of attorney, our company takes over all procedures and receives a TAPU in the cadastral department in your name.


Thus, if you are not in Turkey, but want to get a TAPU, you can contact UInvest. We will provide you with the opportunity to issue a power of attorney, after which our team will carry out all the necessary procedures and obtain a certificate of ownership in your name from the cadastral department. Our goal is to simplify the process of purchasing real estate for our clients and take on all the hassle associated with paperwork.

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