Polite phrases in Turkish that are worth knowing

Polite phrases in Turkish that are worth knowing

Mastering Turkish Courtesy: Essential Polite Phrases

The culture of any language goes beyond vocabulary. To truly connect, understanding polite expressions is key. Here are a few essential Turkish phrases to navigate social situations with courtesy and grace.

1. Sıhhatler Olsun: Wishing Good Health

This phrase translates to “may you have good health.” It’s used in unique situations:

  • After a haircut (men only): A well-wisher acknowledges the fresh trim.
  • After a shower: Expressing concern for someone’s well-being.

Remember, wishing good health holds significant importance in Turkish culture.

2. Hoş Geldin & Hoş Bulduk: The Warmth of Welcome

  • Hoş geldin: This translates to “welcome” or “glad you came.” You’ll hear it upon entering shops, restaurants, homes, or during public meet-ups. It reflects the host’s joy and hospitality.
  • Hoş bulduk: This is the response to “Hoş geldin,” meaning “glad to be here” or “glad we gathered here.” It conveys a positive first impression and appreciation for the welcome.

3. Afiyet Olsun: Bon Appétit, Turkish Style

  • Afiyet olsun: Often translated as “bon appétit,” this expression has no direct equivalent. Borrowed from French, Turks use it before, during, and after meals to wish someone a good appetite and enjoyable dining experience.

4. Eline Sağlık: Appreciation for the Cook’s Hand

  • Eline sağlık: This translates to “health to your hand.” It’s a way to express gratitude for a delicious meal, specifically if you know who cooked it. The phrase shows appreciation and respect for the cook’s effort and skill.

By incorporating these polite phrases into your Turkish interactions, you demonstrate respect and friendliness towards the local culture. Use them with friends, while dining out, or even in shops to connect with Turks on a deeper level.

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